Monday, December 22, 2008

Still Waiting

Another day, another morning of facing jet lag. I’ve also figured out the downside of not having to share my bed with my husband – Charity! It’s been very windy at our house the last two nights and she has come in wanting to share my bed because “it’s scary and the tree might fall in my window and Olivia is licking me!” I have been too tired to argue but I warned her that this was the last night this was happening. It sounds like I just bought myself a rough night tonight. Maybe we’ll go stay at mom’s. On today’s agenda – Christmas shopping. I had everyone but the two new boys finished before we left so I don’t really have much to do but it’s so stinking cold out that I’m not really looking forward to it. On the plus side – my van has been parked right behind the house since we brought home the loft (too tired or too cold to move it back to the garage) so I don’t have to go far to warm it up. Eric will not be very happy when he reads that. I promise I'll put it back in the garage today, honey!

Talked to Eric yesterday. Things with the boys are still going well. Jonathan is singing instead of sleeping but I guess that’s better than screaming! (It also sounds hilarious. I can just imagine this little 4 year old singing away in Russian while his older brother tries to sleep and his father tries not to thump him!) Eric is also figuring out the leg braces. We knew Jonathan didn’t like wearing the new ones but thought it was just because they were new and not as comfortable as the leather ones. Not the case. Apparently there is a spot were the plastic rubs against the bone on one of his feet so the new ones are actually painful. Poor little guy. I’m ready to get him home so we can get started figuring out how best to proceed with his care. We will know this afternoon if they are going to make it home on Wed. I didn’t realize that Eric had already booked his return home flight. Apparently Angelina told him to, so he did. Then she started back tracking a little bit and has him really nervous that he’s going to have to pay transfer fees – again! I’ll let you all know what the latest is as soon as I know myself and have a chance to log on.

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