Thursday, December 4, 2008

Local Celebrities?

Jonathan and Mom. Jonathan and Dad.
Here you can see the braces that he wears to walk. He has actually grown out of these but he doesn't like the new ones - he apparently has these all broken in.

Okay, so apparently it is BIG news that Jenya has been adopted. Our facilitator called last night to let us know that the local TV station was "requesting" an interview with us. Apparently he has been a news story for awhile because of all his surgeries. He has been the object of quite a bit of charity and so they want to let the people know the latest on this little boy they have been taking care of. We will be meeting at Jenya's orphanage this afternoon. The interview is supposed to take place at 3:00. What have we gotten ourselves into? We have tried to keep all of this fairly low key while we have been here - trying very hard not to draw attention to ourselves if we can help it (although I don't dress Ukrainian so it's pretty obvious I'm foreign. I don't wear thigh-high high-heeled boots and short skirts and I don't wear a stocking cap and fur coat when it is 68 degrees out like it is today!) Anyway, now we're going to be on TV. God certainly has a sense of humor!


Aimee said...

I always knew you were destined for fame and fortune! :o) Can't wait to see pics of those boys and to get to meet them in person in the very near future!

CorieCommunications said...

How fun! Another curiosity question: Now that the boys are officially yours, are they staying with you? Just was wondering since you said you were meeting at the orphanage. If they are, how are they adjusting after the first day? And if the boys aren't brothers, did they know each other before now? Do they get along well? You know me...full of questions! Would love to hear more!

Michael said...

Hello, this is Mike and Rebecca the couple you met at your first SDA appointment. Congrats on a successful court date. Ours is this coming Monday. We have decided (mostly because we got permission from the orphanage) to adopt Luba by herself. God bless, Mike Klein

Melissa said...

How exciting! I was going to call you this morning if I had a delay, but no such luck. Maybe tomorrow :-) I hope you and Eric have a wonderful time getting to know those boys. I can't wait to meet them.