Friday, February 4, 2011

At long last I’m posting on my blog – mostly because my cousin guilted me into it. So, here you go Julie.  As we speak I should be packing to go to Ukraine.  Charity and I are leaving on Sunday to go with my neighbor to finish up their adoption.  It should be a good trip and we are all really excited.  Mostly just to get this little girl home to her family – she’s absolutely WONDERFUL and we all love her.  We had a big day in our house today and while nothing will physically change for us – it does change the dynamics in our household a bit.  We moved a year ago out of the little bitty house we were renting:

Into a bigger house to rent.  Today we signed the mortgage/purchase agreement to buy the house we’ve been living in and after 5 or so years – we are homeowners once again.  Pictures are below.  (Thanks to my friend Senda for the pics of the outside – I am blatantly stealing them!)  The house was built in the 1890’s or so and is so much fun.  Like any other old house, there will always be upgrades to do but we really love it and are very excited.

No post would be complete without at least one pic of the kids.  It’s been so long since I posted that I have tons to choose from.  This one is from the Homecoming parade in October.  The older boys were in the parade.  They all have blue hair because their little league football team was the Lions.  

The final picture is of the hand-off of our dossier by our adoption guru at the airport as it made it’s way to Bulgaria with another adoptive couple who was kind enough to hand deliver it. We are officially a waiting family.  And while we anticipate a long wait – we are VERY excited!  “Dear Lord, protect my “babies” until we can get there to bring them home.”