Wednesday, April 7, 2010

M is for March and Michael

I'm not sure how it happened but my camera is telling me that Michael is the "child of the month". He has had several camera worthy events in the past few weeks. The other 3 kids will all get their turn as the spring wears on and we have field trips, baseball and soccer to post. I'll eventually get around to posting spring break and easter as well. Fun times - just no time to write about them.

Our school had their 3rd grade music program a few weeks ago. What an event - 200 3rd graders, their siblings, parents, and grandparents, and their RECORDERS! What joy - anyone who can make one of those things actually sound pretty has accomplished a feat. A feat I have yet to witness. The kids were cute as all get out, they sang very nicely, and showed off quite well. But really - 200 3rd graders with recorders....

Michael was excited to go to his very first lock-in early in March. Being the paparazzi mom that I am (and not wanting to miss out on any of the fun) I volunteered to help out even though it meant giving up a night of sleep. Michael was prepared to sleep (for a couple of hours anyway) and was the 1st boy in his room so he got to lay out his stuff in the prime tv-watching spot.

He thought it was so cool to be eating pizza at 10:00 pm and all of the 3rd and 4th graders were amazed at the amount of caffeine that they were allowed (or shall we say - even encouraged) to consume.

Michael and a couple of his friends posing at the photo booth. They are such dorks - but so much fun!

There were about 10-15 blow-ups stationed in the 2 gyms at the church for the kids to spend hours on. All night I kept thinking how much this lock-in reminded me of post-proms in High School. How sad - the things that amused me as a 17 year old, amuse my 9 year old!

Roller skating at 1:30 a.m. - and Michael had never been on skates before. He and the wall were good buddies but by the end he was getting a little braver.

This is how he and his friends spent a large chunk of their time at the rink - hanging out and drinking caffeinated beverages. His momma on the other hand was reliving her youth out on the floor.

The next morning - after 3 hours of sleep. They were sooooo tired!

The next day the famous Aunt Teri had invited us over to meet her friend and room helper - Natasha. She is from Ukraine and had been coerced into teaching us how to make Varenky - very similar to perogies. These are by far the favorite dish I ate in Ukraine - especially the cherry ones - and I was super excited to learn how to make them.

Charity and Jonathan got right in on the action.

Joseph, on the other hand, really wants nothing to do with anything Ukrainian and took a little bit to warm up. The funny thing is - the kid LOVES Ukrainian food and would eat borsht every day if his mom would make it for him.

Last but not least - I just think this picture is funny - my 2 favorite 2nd graders hanging out and enjoying the sunshine. Neither of them sits still for long - so to catch a moment with both of them relaxing is a rare treasure!

My favorite recipe for using up leftover ham is on the menu for tonight! Yum - straight up comfort food! If you are watching your weight - save up your calories for this one - I ALWAYS go back for seconds on it! Homemade chocolate pudding for dessert.