Saturday, July 21, 2007

Welcome Olivia!

Just wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family! Charity has been campaigning hard for a year to get a dog. She really wanted a poodle but apparently the key for her was small and fluffy (the key for me was NO SHEDDING!!!) So today, Eric and I surprised her with this little fur-ball. Eric actually surprised me with it and then let me be in on the surprise to Cheech. She has been named "Olivia". Our previous dog was named "Oliver". Obviously creativity does not run deep in our family. She is a "morkie", aka maltese/yorkie mix. She is 18 wks old and weighs 2.9 lbs. They told us she will get to about 6-8 lbs. So she's basically a glorified cat. That's my kind of dog!! She will make her debut to the public tomorrow at the Pet Parade. I know I haven't posted much this month but we all know I won't be fixing that this week. We are definite fair rats (except for Eric who could care less about the fair - weirdo) so we will be away from the computer for a week. Enjoy these pics though. I'll have many more after the fair! Oh - Michael wasn't left out today - Eric decided to get him a go-kart!! That will make for some fun pics to show you too!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fireworks anyone?

Riding bikes to the fireworks party
More of those cousins I keep mentioning - this time there were some of the boys around. Michael was very thankful.

We were able to join family and neighbors at my Aunt BarJane's house on Friday night for the annual 4th of July extravaganza! Basically it's too much good food, lots of great fellowship and the kids shooting off fireworks once it is FINALLY dark (which isn't until after 9:00 in these parts! Has anyone every told you guys you're in the wrong time zone?) They only live about a mile from us so the kids decided to ride their bikes over. Lucky mom got to follow on foot but I got the above cute picture so it was worth it. Michael is getting better and better at the two-wheeler thing. He gets started on his own now and rarely topples over anymore. I got quite a workout trying to keep up with them. We have to work on Charity since her favorite place to ride is right down the center of the road. With her training wheels rattling around she can't here cars approaching from behind so I need to break her of that "drifting" habit.
We spent yesterday hanging around at home. Eric studied at the library all day so the kids and I piddled around. They had their art kits out about 7 times during the day and probably went through a couple of trees-worth of paper. They picked up sticks in the yard and took good naps. They're hoping to go swimming at mom's after their naps today so I'll try to get some pics of that. I haven't been very good about taking my camera with me this summer. I need to get back in the habit. Well my plan is to break out the ol' sewing machine this afternoon and hem a pair of pants that Eric has been waiting on for about 3 months. I'm telling you - I lead such an exciting life. It is SO worth your time reading about it! :) (But I'm glad you do!)