Monday, April 16, 2007


I've attached some pics of the kids hunting for Easter eggs at our house. It took much longer for 4 of us to hide them this year than it took Michael and Charity to find them. They had a good ol' time and we came away with a fresh stash of chocolate. Eric and I are conscientious parents and would never allow them to eat that much candy so we have sacrificed over the last week and eaten some of it ourselves. Feel free to nominate us as parents of the year. Eric claims we use a Communist form of parenting but I just think we are just doing our duty and teaching them how important healthy eating is! "Do as I say, not as I do!" Besides, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!
In other news, I just finished reading a book by Paul Maier called A Skeleton in God's Closet. The basic premise is that the hero is on an archaeological dig and discovers what appear to be the bones of Jesus. The book brings up a lot of scenarios about how this would affect not only believers but also the rest of the world. Reading as we came away from the Easter season gave the book a lot of significance as I thought about not only what the Resurrection means but also the significance and implications of it. I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What a rough couple of weeks!! It wasn't that we were doing any grueling activities or anything - it was just one thing after another. Hopefully we are settling back into our routines and schedules now and life can start to look a little bit normal - for us anyway. (It's all relative!!) Eric has 3 more weeks of classes and then 6 finals in 7 days -yikes!! So he is already gearing up for that. He has stacks of notecards sitting around and it's not uncommon for my printer to be tied up while he prints out more. He's so dedicated and so stinking smart but it is still a lot of work and wears on all of us. I think it helps to know that he is in the homestretch! He scheduled his classes for his last semester!! I'm not sure who's more excited me or Eric! We'll be moving home in about 7 weeks. This town has been wonderful to us. We've made great friends, found a wonderful church, enjoy easy access to all the fun stuff to do in The City, wonderful summers full of easy water access, and LOVE the food here :) but it will be good to get back home. I'll miss being able to go to the grocery store in my pjs - since we know so few people - but even that is changing. Last week I was at Wal-Mart at 8:45 on a Thursday morning and ran into 3 people that I knew. Charity commented on it as we were leaving. She said, "We knew lots of people today!" My response - "Yep, that must mean it's time to move!" Bittersweet since we DO like it here. Why can't everybody we love just come up here to stay?!! Of course we would need to find a new place to live because I NEED a washer and dryer!! More later!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

We are alive...

We're just in the middle of a few VERY busy weeks. I'll write more later but here are some pics of the kids and what they've been up to lately.