Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pictures FINALLY

Roma and 2 of his friends show off the pirate ship it took them 2 days to finish! More friends and more Legos!

Boys will be boys!

Roma and Dad take a break after working up a sweat playing "football" aka soccer!!

So apparently there is a certain computer you have to use in order to upload anything in this internet cafe. I tried using my disc yesterday and it didn't work but today we asked and she pointed me to the computer right by her counter. So - scroll down and see pics of our stay here. There aren't a lot of them but I will try to keep them coming. I've spent most of my time today updating and posting the pictures so I will be short today. I really want to request prayers for all the other families that are here right now from our agency. Each family has run into so many obstacles and road blocks. Yesterday we got a call from one of the families that we stayed with in Kyiv. They were supposed to have court on Monday but that has gotten postponed. Their translator is in the hospital and they are getting very discouraged and afraid that they won't be able to bring their kids home. Please pray that God would give them peace and that he would begin to open doors for them. We are certainly grateful for God's hand on us but it's hard for us to rejoice in our good fortune when all of these families are going through such hard times.


Susan said...

Oh, wow! Your boys are indeed beautiful! Congratulations! Our prayers have been with you and the others there, and we will continue to pray for straight paths for all going through this adoption journey. Cannot wait to hear more upon your return home! Love and Blessings,

Melissa said...

It's so great to see pictures of my new nephews! They fit! Jonathan has that white blond hair that Brian had when he was little and Roma has Eric's dark hair. Thanks for going through all the hard work to get the pictures posted. I'll keep praying for you!!