Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick Update

Not a lot of time today but I did want to let you know that one of the families I had asked you all to pray for had court yesterday. They were approved for the two girls they were hoping to take home. They are actually now leaving to go home and will come back mid-January to finish up and bring the girls home. The government here shuts down for the first couple weeks of January and so there is nothing they can really do to get the girls home before then. The other families were not able to have court yesterday - paperwork snafoo's - but hopefully they will have their day soon. I guess this is really taking a toll on the kids (they are all older and have a pretty good idea of what is going on) as well as the families. They haven't had as much freedom as we have and there isn't anything to do in the "city" they are in. Sitting around and waiting and worrying is the worst.
We are going to go get pictures taken for Joseph's passport this afternoon. Apparently the ones we had done are the wrong size or something. Hopefully we'll be able to communicate what we need to the people at Kodak. Angelina will be taking care of Jonathan's and trying to finish up stuff so that hopefully we can get the birth certificates tomorrow. We are going to get the boys now on Tuesday instead of Saturday. With the amount of running around we have to do for the passports between now and then it seemed silly to get them. They would just be spending all their time crunched in the car with us. NO FUN for anyone involved.

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Heather said...

So glad you are home. We are all praying for Eric's safe travels and arrival. Love you guys!