Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sick day

Well poor Michael woke up with a fever today which means we are hanging out at the homestead today. He complained of a stomach ache yesterday and was a little warm when I checked him last night before I went to bed but I was hoping it was just because his head had been under his blankets. No such luck. It's hard for me to get motivated when the kids are lounging on the couch and recliner watching cartoons. I've been sitting here sorting my coupons and figuring out what I can get for free this week. (Right Guard Deodorant is on sale for $1 at Walgreens and I have several coupons for $.75 off and $1 off! I don't have to go to Walgreens this week so I'll take their ad into Walmart and get them to match the price so I can get the great savings without an extra trip. I'll then be able to donate 6-8 deodorants to the food pantry for only about $1. Fun stuff I'm telling you!! Everybody needs a hobby.)
Michael was supposed to start his swim lessons tonight. Hopefully he's feeling better. I'm going to see if he wakes up fever-free from his nap. If he does then I'll probably go ahead and let him swim. Charity ran a fever for less than 24 hours last week so maybe she just passed whatever that was on to her brother. We went all winter without having any real illness which was a real blessing not only because I want my kids to feel good but also because it would have been really difficult for me to take the morning off of work when the other girl I teach with was on maternity leave! Luckily she started back to work last week and wouldn't you know as soon as she's due back - Michael and Charity both need me to take a day off! God answers little prayers too! I love to see Him in the details of life. It really shows me how much he cares about me personally when he takes the piddly things that only matter to me and works them out. Like my job! You all know how much I enjoy staying home with my kids so when we decided that Eric would go back to school full-time I was slightly crushed that I would have to find a job. God opened up the door for me to find something that would provide for the childcare, pre-school, sports programs, dance classes, and gym membership for our family while still giving us a little bit of income to supplement the (groan) student loans. We are planning on moving back home in June and I found out a couple of months ago that the program I work in will not be offered next year. This job was a literal God-send for the time that we were here. He is so good!

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Heidi's Blog said...

Hey Kathy
i read your blog I really need to set one up. What a way to get everything off your chest. My new hobby is also getting things for free gotta love those coupons. Today I got cat food free and we don't even have a cat!!!! To the church donation it goes.
Miss you Kathy
Love Heidi