Friday, February 23, 2007

Michael (Jordan? Singletary? Schumacher? Schmidt?)

In case you didn't know it - my son LOVES sports. He is obsessed with Bears football and Cubs baseball but has a true love for those sports in general as well as racing and basketball. Therefore, we are in the midst of one of Michael's favorite times of the year. Three of his favorite sports are in the news on a daily basis at the same time!! The Cubs are in spring training, the Daytona 500 was a week ago, and the Bulls are still losing every other game or so. (We will go through this again in the fall when the Bears start their training camp, the Cubs are finishing up the season - with a World Series victory, and Indycar and NASCAR races are still being held every weekend.) Every morning we wake up and immediately turn on the local Christian morning show where they do the sportscast twice an hour. He is up for about 2 hours before he has to leave for school which means he gets to hear the same report 4 times before he leaves. If it's a really good day - like today- the Bears are making headlines too and there might be a golf tournament going on so we can see how Tiger and Phil are doing. Not to mention the WNBA and NHL. I'm telling you it's a gold mine of sports news. I don't know how they manage to fit it into just a few minutes each morning.
Michael is in the middle of his own basketball season at the Y. This is his first time playing and he's doing pretty well but gets discouraged when a majority of the shots he makes don't go into the hoop. He's so much bigger than the other boys his age that he's used to dominating. The fact that he's NOT the best one on the team has been a little bit of an adjustment for him I think. Eric is coaching the team. That in itself is funny! Eric is a wonderful coach but his patience wears a little thin with this age group (pre-K and K). It will be much better for him when Michael's a little older and the boys actually WANT to learn fundamentals and become a better TEAM. Right now they all just get the ball and shoot. They've never heard of such a thing as P-A-S-S-I-N-G. Michael is going to a clinic tonight that is being taught by some of the players/coaches from the University in town. Hopefully after running some drills and stuff with these BIG boys he'll have a little bit more confidence.

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Jenny said...

Hey girl,
I am so glad that you are in blog mode. I can read about your day adn keep intouch in a new way! You are the greatest! We'll have to get the girls and thier dolls together so you can have some fun posts about that! We are just waiting for the next big snow storm to hit tonight! YUCK! Is it spring yet?