Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Inaugural Post!

I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this going but I've enjoyed reading other people's blogs so - here we are! Nothing out of the ordinary on our plate today. Everyone was finally back to normal schedules today. Between 2-hr delays, snow days, and sick days I was about to go crazy trying to keep everyone occupied and happy. Michael had his Valentine's party at school today but because there was so much work to make up apparently they didn't get to have much of a party. He still loves school though and is happy to be back at school with his friends. Charity went to the Y with me today and played with babies before going to swim class.
The kids had dental checkups today. Luckily up to this point every visit has been trauma free and so they still say they LOVE going to the dentist! How can you not love a place that gives you stickers and a new toothbrush! (They are so easy to please!) All that love may change for Michael though. Apparently we haven't been diligent about brushing his back teeth because his x-rays showed a cavity. I have to admit it felt like an attack on me as a mother when the dentist was talking about his brushing habits. I'm over that now though and we are taking a more hands on approach - literally - to the kids' brushing habits. We watched the first hour of Idol as a family tonight (Eric just sat at the computer and made snide comments -our own personal Simon Cowell - but at least he was in the room : ) ) Michael seems to prefer the auditions more than the actual competition part. We haven't watched much of the show before but for some reason I've gotten hooked already this season. My favorite guy so far is Phil Stacey. I think it's probably because he's got those two cute little daughters and he's a P.K. but whatever. I'm not a voter so we'll see what happens.
Well that does it for today. Eric is about finished with his game of Madden for the night (Bears are beating the Giants 14-0, they also beat the Cowboys 3-0 earlier this evening). I have to work tomorrow so I should gear up for another exciting day! Feel free to envy me!! : )


Anonymous said...

Nice job. It was fun looking at photos and reading comments.
Will share dental story with Natalie - she'll get a kick out of that one.
A & D

stephylynn97 said...

I love this, I get to see the kids pictures and enjoy the stories you tell about them since I don't get to see all of you much.