Monday, October 1, 2012

Whirlwind of a week...

I always admire God's sense of humor.  No sooner had a posted on our blog about traveling to get our girls at the end of October and I get a phone call asking if we can be there at the end of SEPTEMBER!  Yes - do the math.  I got a phone call on Monday asking if we could be there on Sunday which means leaving on Saturday.  That's about 5 1/2 days to get packed for 6 people and get everything lined up to leave 3 children at home.  So we said, "Sure, no problem!"  Called our travel agent and grandma and I writing this post with one of my newest girls sitting on my lap.  It still seems surreal.  We hopped a flight on Saturday afternoon...

and killed time in Chicago playing a little Phase 10 (a favorite at our house).

We had a 45 minute layover in Munich which bummed Michael out since his favorite soccer team is there and he was really hoping to blow some money in the gift shop.  We at least got a picture in front of the window so we have his silhouette in Munich :)

We were picked up from the airport and taken to our apartment.  It is a 2 bedroom right near city center and is PERFECT for this trip.  2 bedrooms and lots of toys - what else could we need.    

We drove over and got the girls at about 10:30 this morning and have been on the go ever since.  Leaving was pretty emotional.  The girls were honestly loved there so it was hard for the babas (volunteer grandmothers) and workers to see them go.  It was tough on "N" as well.  She is old enough to understand what is going on a little so she was crying as we left.  She was her normal self about 1/2 an hour later and has been fine since but I'm sure there will be bouts of homesickness over the next few months


This afternoon we had medical appointments and passport photos and applications.  We are playing it low key and staying in this evening.  It's been a heck of a week and we need to rest :)


Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe said...

Congratulations! I am sure it is a whirlwind trip but how exciting to get them so much sooner!

Corie said...

So very excited for all of you! :o)

Melissa said...

I'm praying for you all and calling mom for updates too. Love you!