Thursday, October 4, 2012

Discoveries and Adjustments

So parenting is tough - I don't think anyone with a brain in their head would dispute that.  Parenting preschoolers is tough and exhausting - another well documented fact.  Parenting preschoolers who speak not a word of English and have been spoiled for a majority of their lives is darn near impossible - especially in a foreign country.  The girls are AWESOME - don't get me wrong, but anytime they have to go to sleep is difficult and we had honestly forgotten just how much trouble this age can manage to find.   NOTHING is sacred - Eric has "lost" his bookmarks out of his books several times, hairbows have gone missing, Michael's backpack was commandeered from day 1, toys get thrown, one sister hits another one, someone falls off the furniture that they had been told repeatedly not to jump on, one steals the other one's toy, tell mom "ne" aka "no" and run in the other direction, open the door to the apartment and try to escape while mom is dealing with one of the other sisters, they pull all of the clothes out of the cabinets and take all of the bedding off of the beds all in about 7.2 seconds.   "M" has much shorter hair than her 2 sisters.  I had kind of wondered about that and Eric and I talked a little about it in passing but this week we figured out why her hair is probably so short - little miss has an affinity for scissors.  I didn't realize that there was a pair in a drawer next to our bed where she was "taking a nap".  When I went in to check on her she had a nice little snippet of hair that she was trying to hide before she was busted.  A hair-cutter, just what I need!  "N" has decided that Michael is her least favorite person on the planet (which is RIDICULOUS since he is an absolute sweetheart to her) and will NOT sit by him or hold his hand when we are walking somewhere.  Unfortunately for her, she has 2 little sisters who need mom and dad's supervision a little more often so she is stuck with him often.  We had quite the little meltdown as we left the American Embassy today when she had to sit in the back seat with him and later we had our facilitator warn her that she WOULD be sitting next to him on the airplanes because Mom and Dad would be needed with her little sisters.  Her basic response was - I think I'll just stay in Bulgaria. ;) (Not really, but that's what her look said).  Of course then we get back to the apartment and she has as much fun chasing him and playing with him as the other 2 do.    I'm so tired and I am having to relearn some of my "coping techniques" from when Michael and Charity were this age :)
I'm also thrilled beyond belief that we got the 3 coolest and most adorable kids in this whole country - sorry to disappoint all of you guys still waiting for your referrals ;)  They are full of energy, no doubt, but they are also incredibly loving to us and each other, they are hilarious and they appear to really enjoy being a part of a family.  They jump right into anything we are doing with both feet - even laundry and after dinner clean-up.  
We are ready to come home and figure this stuff out in the comfort of our own home.  We had our Embassy appointment this afternoon - painless, and the girls' visas will be picked up tomorrow afternoon. We get to have lunch with our Bulgarian friends tomorrow so that will be fun.  We stayed with them for most of our first trip over here and I know they are excited to meet our girls.  We are scheduled to leave on Saturday morning and arrive home at 6:55 pm that same day - not that we are eagerly awaiting that or anything.   One more day....

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Corie said...

Well, adjustments aside, it sounds like life is crazy and happy for your new family of seven, even if only five of you are together right now. I'm really happy for you all and look forward to meeting the girls when you get home! Travel safely!