Friday, June 4, 2010

Slip Slidin' Away

Today is another beautiful day! We've had a few pop-up thunderstorms this week but it's pretty much been sunny and mid 80's all week. What a perfect way to start summer break! Yesterday the boys decided to play on the slip-n-slide in our yard with the neighbor boys. This is apparently one of those activities that you never grow too old for. I was really wishing I was a little less reserved (and about 20 years younger) so that I could join in the fun without injury - to my body or my pride :)!

Apparently the problem isn't that you outgrow them mentally - but physically. My "big" boys were sliding off the end of it so what do they do - add another one of course!!

My poor grass! An afternoon of the watery playground has completely destroyed it. Hopefully it will bounce back in a few days :) but even if it doesn't - it was SO worth it. They had so much fun!

In other news, with the start of June comes the start of the SUPER SUMMER CHALLENGE!!

Since it's the first week, the kids are still pretty motivated so I'm getting quite a bit of work out of them - without argument. Joseph especially has been racking up the points today. He even power-washed the front porch for me. It was a dirty job but it looks great now. Amazing what a little water will do!

The safety glasses were HIS idea!

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Melissa said...

FYI...Two summers ago, Chris and I turned our pool cover that we were getting ready to throw away into a slip & slid using dish detergent and a lot of water. We were sore for three days a bruised for a week. We laughed a lot, but we hurt too.