Thursday, June 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

I've kept you, my lovely readers, up to date for the most part over the past couple of weeks but I do have a few fun pics that haven't had any place in any of my other posts. So, in no particular order here we go:

Michael is in his first year of 4-H. This morning they had an electric workshop for 1st year members and they actually worked on their projects. My step-dad provided MJ with the board for his circuit-board (beautiful piece of walnut) but Michael had to stain/polyurethane it. Go WITH the grain Michael, with the grain. The workshop was a success. Michael and Eric worked hard and took their time and it looks nice. Hopefully the judge agrees. Most important is the fact that Michael did the work and understands the ins and outs of his project. I'll admit I was NOT saying that when they came home - in fact I did a pretty good impression of the Wicked Witch because the wires aren't perfectly straight, they don't have crisp corners, etc. But I'll just keep telling myself - he did it himself and he's 9 years old. For now we will strive "To Make the Best Better", perfection will come in time :)

Another Michael 4-H picture. He is mixing up feed for his pig - Hank.

Meet Hank.

This is not something I see a lot of out of this kid. He is SO active - getting him to sit still and read is torture. Reading is also still on the difficult side. I mean, he's only been in this country for 18 months! He's close to reading on level so hopefully a few more moments like above will bring him closer to that goal.

Our neighbors are hosting a Ukranian girl this summer (in fact, she comes tomorrow!) We are all excited but Charity especially is beside herself. This family has 4 boys and the kids pretty much run back and forth between our 2 houses all day long. Adding a girl to the mix for a few weeks will be like heaven for Charity. She went over to help set up girl toys in the guest bedroom for her yesterday.

Yet another boy in our neighborhood! He was in Charity's class for the past 2 years and he and my daughter are good buddies. He has more freedom than my kids (I watch too much crime-drama on TV to let my kids run around unsupervised) and will show up often to play with our yahoos.

I had kind of forgotten about this feature but since I looked back at my blog I realized that I kind of like it and will try to remember to keep it up.

On the menu for today - Smothered Pork Chops. My kids got me The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook for my birthday. I love that show and have a great time reading the cookbook and all their magazines. We will be trying this recipe for the first time tonight but I know it will be a success because the ATK staff has already tried it dozens of times!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Summer as a kid... makes me jealous! How I would love to be a kid again, but only for summertime. Thats great that your daughter will have another girl to play with. Do your boys remember any Russian/Ukrainian to talk to the girl? How old is the girl?

Me in a nutshell: said...

The girl is 8 years old (perfect for our crew!) My boys had forgotten all of their Russian after about 6 months and (sadly) have no desire to relearn it at this point. I think it makes school a little easier but it would be nice at times like this if they could still speak it.

Melissa said...

I'm so into throwing things away, that there is a lot that I just don't have anymore...but my circuit board is not one of them. I have it in my box. There's some corrosion after 21 years, but is I set it next to Michael's it would probably look pretty similar. I also like that he has a hamp. :-)

Melissa said...

I almost forgot...YEAH for the kids from the Ukraine coming! God is so faithful!