Friday, June 8, 2012

Last visit

Yesterday during the girls' nap time we went to visit Rila Monastery.  This is the largest monastery in Bulgaria and they are rightfully proud of it.  It is beautiful, well maintained and in as wonderful a setting as you can imagine - high up in the mountains with a flowing river nearby.  Our driver visits here often and could tell us all about the area and the history.  It was a great way to spend the "waiting" time and our girls got a nice long nap since we got back to the orphanage a little bit later than normal.  It made for a very fun afternoon with them.  Have I told you how great they are? :)  
We had our last visit today. It was so hard to leave them, not knowing when we will be allowed to return to bring them home - my babies (although they will ADAMANTLY tell you that they are not babies!  We were only there in the morning today but we stayed a little longer than normal.  The kids were tired and hungry by the time we left but it made them more willing to snuggle so it wasn't all bad :)  "N" asked if we would be back tomorrow and our facilitator explained to her that we had to return to America to get their bedroom ready and do work before they could come home.  She took it well and told us as we were leaving that they would wait for us - break my heart.  We are really praying that we will be able to have court in July.  Our documents are all here, updated and ready to go so we'll pray that God intercedes and we get an early court date. 
After we returned to the city, our facilitator dropped us off in the city centre (aka downtown) and we walked around for awhile, ate a leisurely lunch and then took a cab back to our hotel.  The hotel is very nice (Hotel Geneva). It is slightly outside of the city centre and therefore about 1/2 the price but with all the amenities that we spoiled Americans expect in a hotel - even in Eastern Europe.  ;)  We took naps this afternoon and will be packing tonight for an early start in the morning.  Our flight leaves at 7:15.  I'm torn between my desire to stay and spend some more time hangin' out with my girls and the fact that I miss the other 4 yahoos who are waiting patiently for their parents to come home and show them pics and videos of their new sisters.  It won't be long and we'll be back in Bulgaria- ready to bring some more fun and laughter into our house in the form of 3 spunky sisters!

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Corie said...

Just got caught up on your blog! I was wondering how you were doing today and was hoping you were blogging about it! :o) Glad to hear things went well on your visit and that the girls seem so perfect for you! :o) Can't wait to meet them!