Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Terrorizing the Neighbors aka Halloween

 I realized this year just how much I HATE Halloween!  The actual event itself is fun but it makes my blood boil as I buy hundreds of pieces of chocolate that I don’t even get to eat (880 this year) and rack my brain trying to come with costumes that my 10 year old boys will think are “cool” without being gory, satanic or expensive.   Charity is just as hard – I don’t want my darling daughter to look like a street walker!  Anyway – now that my little rant is over here are a few pics of last night’s romp around the ‘hood.  They had a great time and got enough candy to last for awhile.   I will be sorting through to pull out all the sticky/chewy stuff today – they all have sealants so none of that is allowed – but it looks like they will still have WAY more candy than any kid should eat in 6 months!  
 Let the sugar highs begin….

There goes the neighborhood....

Motley Crew

Our Egyptian Prince

Meets his Cleopatra

Every father's nightmare!

"Hello ladies."

Our Beautiful Bug

When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not.

Joseph's (bat) and Jonathan's (cat) pumpkins

Michael's (spider) and Charity's (Larry the Cucumber) pumpkins.

Remember - Charity had that green pumpkin.  It never turned orange which she was very happy about so that her "vision" for it could be realized.

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