Thursday, August 5, 2010

VBS Week

Last week was VBS at our church.  They brought in a BMX/FMX team and had all kinds of stunts each night.  The kickoff was Sunday and it has so HOT outside.  But the blow-ups were fun (our church loves blow-ups) and the tricks were pretty spectacular and hopefully it brought some new faces to our church and ultimately to their Savior.
Jonathan loves the blow-ups too.  He would play in these things 24/7 - even when it's over 90 degrees outside!
Michael loves this human wrecking ball game.  He has surprisingly good balance and didn't get beat by the 3 girls that were playing against him!
Best friends and best neighbors!
I DID NOT need anyone giving Joseph any more ideas on how to inflict bodily harm on himself (but they were super cool)!
Family fun at Summer FX - did I mention it was really hot!


Melissa said...

Three days in a row! This is amazing! How do I sponsor a puzzle piece? Just send in the money? Or should I wait for them to ask first so they see the "fruit" of their labor?

Me in a nutshell: said...

Since you know them personally I'm going to let them ask you. They keep watching the mail, hoping it will be there so I'm sure as soon as it gets here they will want to start finding sponsors. I'll let you be one of their first "sells", since they are guaranteed success with you:) Love you!