Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor Jonathan

I don't often pity our youngest child. Yes he has some disabilities, but he is such a happy child and can pretty much do what he wants to do so I kind of "forget" about his limitations. The weather the past couple of days has made me feel a little bad for the poor kid though. He hasn't been able to go out to play with the others and it makes him so sad it breaks my heart. I try to make it up to him by playing with him or putting in a movie but he just wants to be out with his big brothers and sister. Even the dog ditches him for the great outdoors. I'm dreading the first big snow (where it isn't in the -degrees). He's going to hate that he can only be out if I'm with him. The shape of his feet make it very hard to find shoes as well so when it is cold he can't be out long. I'm hoping that the doctors can point us in the right direction and keep that beautiful smile on my boy's face. (Speaking of smiles, the bottom tooth got knocked out in the orphanage a few days before Eric picked him up. Apparently it had been loose though because the new one is coming in already - surprise!)

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Anonymous said...

Okay, this made me cry. You and Eric are amazing people and I am so impressed and blessed by knowing you both. Jonathan is very blessed...well Michael, Charity, Joseph and Jonathan are blessed. And, I always remember that verse in the Bible as well but I am not quite as strong as you I guess. And, hey you are quite normal wanting to throw your children out into the cold until spring - why do you think I work? So my kids get to stay inside and I don't get turned over to CPS. LOL! Karen Robertsons